Why Art is important for Children in Crisis

Children in crisis need warm coats, shoes, a hot meal.  Those are the things which meet their physical needs.  But those children have been abused and neglected are the same children who now trust no one.  They rarely if ever speak about what is happening on the inside of them.  Often they will never speak of it even as adults and contrary to what adults believe, talking doesn't always help.  It can bring a sense of fear and vulnerability and so they stay silent.  I know because I was one of these children.

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Art feeds a child's soul.  It gives these children a voice whether they are living in dangerous home, or the third bed on the left in a children's home.  It lets them express themselves in a healthy safe manner because through their art they can say anything they want and it is personal to them.  Its hard to fully understand what personal to you really means unless you have been in a position where nothing belongs to you and you belong to no one.  No family photos which bring you joy or fond memories to see.  You live as a ghost in other peoples homes amongst memories of which you were never a part.  Art allows them vent out the anger, cope with the pain and yes, sometimes, even the joy of new beginnings too.  It gives them something personal to them.

I came from that life and grew up to be an artist.  It is 54 years later and although the pain never entirely leaves I survived mentally because art was my coping mechanism.  Art allowed me to grow up to be a strong independent woman with a clearly defined normal sense of family values to pass on to my offspring.  Art broke the cycle of abuse but I never would have had that chance were it not for the kindness of strangers who gave me coloring books, crayons and paints donated to the home.  Feeding the soul is equally as important as feeding the body and educating the mind.  Its the trinity of a well rounded human being.

Today as the owner of a company I have the power to rally together artists and give other children in crisis a chance to express themselves.  Initially we developed the Mosaic Mixie line as a set of Mix and Match Mosaics for all to enjoy the pleasures of stained glass since there is no glass cutting or soldering involved.  People can make their names in glass, say something, make gifts for friends.  The possibilities are endless because its your design, simply glue and hang.  We set the testers loose testing the product.  Some of those testers were children.  Seeing how those children reacted to the product, their focus, their joy and their creativity sparked an idea.  We called our idea the Mosaic Moxie line, pun intended. Mosaic Moxie's, Building Confidence in Kids through Art.


Mosaic Moxie's are a smaller version of the Mosaic Mixie Kits but contain all the same elements as the full kits.  We are not a rich company with unlimited funds.  All the elements of the Mosaic Moxie kits have to be purchased by us, assembled using our workforce, packaged by our workforce along with extra elements such as gift wrapping paper etc.  It takes real time and real money and a real commitment to the idea. Even donations cost's us money because we have transaction fees.  Financially, realistically we can donate one Mosaic Moxie Kit for every two Mosaic Mixie's Kits sold but its a start because for every one Mosaic Moxie we donate, that's one chance to make a difference with a child and who knows, maybe in 40 years they will be sitting where I am today in a position to pay back the kindness of strangers.

Mosaic Mixie Kits are available to purchase now in limited supplies with FREE shipping when you purchase 2 plus we donate a Mosaic Moxie Kit for every 2 sold.  So buy someone a gift this Christmas and know your are making a difference. 

Please Note:  Mosaic Moxie's are special kits available only to Children in Crisis over a certain age and not available for purchase. 

If you don't want to purchase any kits but would like to donate a kit you can do so here.

Thank you for caring.

Mosaic Moxie's. Building Confidence in Kids through Art.

We thank the two children in this video Hope and Quentin who tested our product prior to release.  Please note, their inclusion in the video in no way suggests they are in crisis.  They were just happy volunteer product testers!