International Shipping Options

Did you know there are ship forwarding companies that can ship all your USA purchases overseas cheaper than stores can.?

Many of our International Customers use a third party service which is a really economical way to ship glass overseas.

Below is a list of ship forwarding companies.  Please note we are not affiliated with nor do we endorse any of the listed companies.  We offer this list only for information purposes and highly recommend you do the research.  We have also provided you the link for the Better Business Bureau to aid in your research and we suggest you check their respective Facebook pages where customers will voice opinions based on service.


Ship2Me Facebook Page

HuffPost Article about Ship Forward Companies.

Better Business Bureau

 Helpful Calculating Info:

International boxes contain 12 sheets of glass and weigh on average 15lbs.  (6.8kg)  For insurance calculations average USA dollar value per box is $80.