Custom Stained Glass Pattern Making

Need a stained glass pattern but can't draw?  No problem.  We'll draw the pattern for you.

How it works:

  1. Add this item to your cart and check out.
  2. Reply to the checkout email attaching the image or photograph you want made into a pattern along with instructions on the size you require.
  3. Within 2 working days we will send you the PDF file containing your new pattern which you can then print out on your own printer. 

Exclusions:  We do not do portraits or copyrighted material such as sports logos, artists paintings etc unless you can first provide us with a license proving you have the right to use licensed material or permission from the artist etc.   Should you accidentally send us a image to use which you didn't realize was copyrighted your purchase will be refunded.  You may however send us two or three artist images and request we make a new design based on something inspired by those images. 

Please Note: You are not purchasing the copyrights to this design.  We reserve the right to offer the same design to other customers on our site.  Its how we keep our design costs so low in anticipation of future sales.